The Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IICT) is one of the institute of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. The Syndicate of BUET had taken the decision on 28th June, 2001 to start the institute and the formal inaugural ceremony of the institute was held on 2nd September, 2001. The syndicate had taken the decision following a decision of the government in order to produce more professionals in IT sector. The erstwhile Computer Center of BUET has been taken as the backbone of the institute and the previous center has been modified accordingly to form the institute. The main objectives of the institute include offering Post Graduate programs in addition to the services as were provided by the erstwhile Computer Center.

The institute is located on 77,472 sq. ft. of space on the sixth and seventh floor of the ECE Building, BUET. Located within the serene environment of BUET, IICT is an ideal place for technology based education. It is easily accessible by major roads from all parts of the city. Its proximity to residential areas, markets, universities, industries and research centers makes it an excellent spot for its members to avail all their necessities.

Recent Publications

Md. Amirul Islam, and Hossen Mustafa A Dynamic Reallocation Based Window Access Scheme for Enhancing QoS of Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs). Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal (ASTESJ), Vol. 3, Issue 1, Page No 322-328, Jan 2018.

Nahar, B., Alam, M.S., Shawkat, S. A., and Hoque, M. A. Priority Aware Interference Mitigation Techniques For Coexistence Of Wireless Technologies In Smart Utility Networks. 20th ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWiM), USA, Nov 2017.