Dr. Israfil Biswas, Post-Doctoral Research staff, Ulster University, UK, gave a talk on: “Live Migration of Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing” on 23 January 2017 at 4:00 PM at the IICT Seminar Room (Room 706), 7th Floor, ECE Building, BUET.


Resource scheduling and management frameworks became absolute necessary for continuous  management and maintenance of datacentres where Live Migration (LM) is a key feature. LM of Virtual Machine (VM)s is used for transferring a working VM from one host to another host of a different physical machine without interfering with the existing VMs. LM is a core function of rapidly evolving technology of Virtualisation and provides a range of benefits to computing systems such as improved resource utilization, management, application isolation, portability and system reliability. However, in real time, the resource consumption and latency of live VM migration reduce these benefits to much less than their potential. The Ulster University ‘Kelvin project’ for LM of VMs in a unique high speed real optical fibre network will be discussed in the talk. The project is funded by Invest Northern Ireland, UK. In the talk, live VM migration techniques on analysing and how cloud testbed is designed & developed using high speed fibre optic 10 Gb/s network infrastructure for this project will be presented. The talk will also cover the performance evaluation with live experimental results explaining the benefits that the cloud application developers can have from this work.

Brief Bio:

Dr. Md Israfil Biswas is a Post-Doctoral Research staff in ‘Agile Cloud Services and Orchestration’ for US -Ireland project after the ‘Digital Innovation Infrastructure for the Next Generation Internet’ project at the Ulster University, UK. His job responsibilities are to provide cloud, network and information security, fault-tolerance for SDN and SDN controller development for enterprise engagement. Previously, he worked as a Research Fellow at the City University London in the Internet of Things EU F7 project and the ‘Cumulus’ project that ensures network security of a distributed (cloud) system. His PhD was in investigating Internet protocols. Dr Israfil has received many International grants/funding on different Networking and Software Engineering related projects including European Commission IST Project “SatSix”. He has the experience to work with industrial partners like British Telecom (BT) and the European Microsoft Innovation Center (EMIC).