Group A (Core Courses)3×6=18 credits
Group B (Optional Courses)3×4=12 credits
Total Credits36

Group A

Course Number and NameCredit Hours
ICT 5100 (Project)3
ICT 5101 (Programming Concepts)3
ICT 5102 (Data Structure and Algorithm)3
ICT 5103 (Database Design and Management )3
ICT 5104 (Introduction to Telecommunications )3
ICT 5105 (Data Communications)3
ICT 5106 (Computer Networks )3

Group B

Course Number and NameCredit Hours
ICT 5201 (Operating System Concepts)3
ICT 5202 (Visual Programming)3
ICT 5203 (Web Technologies, Protocols, and Applications)3
ICT 5204 (Multimedia Design and Development)3
ICT 5205 (Client Server Technologies)3
ICT 5206 (Electronic Commerce)3
ICT 5207 (Information System Analysis and Design)3
ICT 5208 ( Software Engineering and Application Development)3
ICT 5209 (Software Quality Management)3
ICT 5301 (Information System and Network Security)3
ICT 5302 (Advanced Internet Technologies)3
ICT 5303 ( Network Programming and Management )3
ICT 5304 (Digital Communications)3
ICT 5305 (Mobile Communications)3
ICT 5306 (Software and Database in Telecommunication)3
ICT 5307 (Embedded System Design)3
ICT 5308 (Network System Design)3
ICT 5309 ( Optical Communication)3