Now is an era of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The dream of the country is poverty reduction and economic growth by creating knowledge driven economy, and society based on ICT. To realize the goal of the Govt., our graduates produced from Universities should have good knowledge in ICT. So it is now essential to establish strong ICT infrastructure in every university of the country and create an environment of teaching, learning and research on ICT. IICT has the following establishments for this purpose:

  1. Access to the Internet
    Internet Browsing room has been established in IICT for the students with knowing that present day world cannot only be perceived by reading books rather by extending oneself through research papers and e books which are available in INTERNET. The Internet facility also provides to the access of 28 international consortiums like American Institute of Physics, IEEE, Optical Society of America, and American Society for civil Engineers, Springer and others.
  2. Laboratory Facility
    IICT maintains a number of laboratory facilities which are necessary to support theoretical knowledge with experimental activities. IICT has the following laboratories:

    • Communication Laboratory
    • Embedded System Laboratory
    • Network Laboratory
    • Multimedia and Graphics Laboratory
    • Hardware Laboratory
  3. Class Room Facility
    The Institute has three modern PC class rooms each having PCs, multimedia projectors with audio visual capabilities. These class rooms are used by the post graduate students of IICT and also by different departments for their undergraduate programs. Besides, IICT has two big lecture halls with multimedia facilities where more than 50 students can be accommodated.
  4. Library Facility
    IICT is also having a library for the teachers and students. The library not only contains the modern books on information and communication but also maintains a collection of basic conception books which are very rare these days. Along different versatile books, this Library also contains updated journals and research papers on IT related topics.
  5. Seminar/ Workshop
    IICT often arranges both national and international seminars where renowned expatiates from different sectors of science comes to give a talk and share knowledge and ideas which is necessary for being updated with modern science. For this reason IICT maintains a Seminar Room inside it with facility of projector based presentation. IICT creates an opportunity for the students and faculties to attend such educative seminar, workshop to raise interest and enthusiasm and gather opinion and feedback from the participants. IICT also participates in different seminar arranged by the other departments/faculties in BUET.
  6. Research Papers/ Journals
    IICT always supports and encourages its teachers and students to publish research papers in national and international conferences or journals. The students who take thesis under the teachers are supervised and guided in a proper and directive way which later led to an international research work published as conference paper or journal paper.