Seminar titled “A New Paradigm for Parallel Programming” will be held at IICT. The speaker is Muhammad Nur Yanhaona, PhD who completed his bachelor study in Computer Science & Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) in 2007. Dr. Yanhaona  did both his Master’s and PhD studies from University of Virginia (UVA) in the US and has recently returned to Bangladesh. His earlier research interests include bioinformatics, distributed systems, and distributed AI; but his most recent work focuses on new parallel programming languages and techniques – the topic of his PhD thesis. Currently he is actively collaborating with this PhD adviser, Professor Andrew Grimshaw, to advance a new parallel programming paradigm for high-performance computing.

Venue: IICT Seminar Room,  (Room 706), 7th Floor, ECE Building, BUET

Date: 18th March, 2017 (Saturday)

Time: 3:30 PM